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Glitter Film 06

Glitter Film 06

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Fashion PP Glitter film for packaging
1. Color is various,
2. Product quality is recognized by customers.

Fashion PP Glitter film for packaging
1. Fashion and popular
2. Light reflection
3. Very shine and seem high quality
PP film is after the laser film new environmental protection material, has the similar effect with glitter powder.

Intorduce as below

1. The width is about 100cm. If the quantity is more than ten hundreds meters, the width is acceptable by order

2. Background is PP material, the surface layer for the aluminum-plating level density proportion is 0.94

3. The thickness is 150u, 120u and 80U, the thickness of 150u can be made for packing bag and president bag directly.

4. May order the film of 80u, also compound with paper, nonwoven cloth and thick PP material.

5. The solid colored certainly will have an edition of seam, the graph will be reduced the seam condition

6. Accept the color by order, the MOQ must be over 500 meter per color

1. The material of handbag and packing box.
Like present bag, accessories box, Christmas present bag and wine bag

2. Decoration materials
Like the material of stamp on window, wallpaper, advertisement placard and the fresh flower packing material.

3. Lamp material
PP chimney, accessories lamp, especially lamp chimney and lamp box

4. The rubber pastes
Like the stationery craft paper, rubs the tissue paper, the present gummed tape

5. Gaseous toy
Like Banking Sticks, swimming ring, The Christmas color ball.

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