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Textile Foil for T-Shirts and Clothes

Textile Foil for T-Shirts and Clothes

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1) Roll size (W x L):
A) Normal size rolls: 0.64 x 120m
B) Large size rolls: 0.64m x 240 / 360m (for special orders)
2) Special dimensions for rolls with a 3" paper core can be produced
For any length and width according to special orders
3) Applications: Suitable for the stamping of various yew paper cigarette labels
4) Recommended stamping temperature: 115 - 125oC
5) Storage:
A) Protect from pressure, dampness, heat, and sunshine
B) Place in ventilated, shaded and cool places
C) Storage time: 2 years
6) Suitable application conditions:
A) Appropriate stamping foils need to be chosen according to different uses
B) Attention must be paid to temperature pressure and speed in the course of stamping
C) Suitable process conditions should be chosen according to different backing materials

Inner packing: Each roll wrapped in plastic

Outer packing: 10 rolls/box

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